Wednesday, March 15, 2006


It is almost over and I cannot be more relieved. I have learned from this experience that I am not cut out for management. I will NOT be doing this again next year. I liked it better when I was just an advisor. I hope I will have enough of a bonus so I can take a small trip somewere. I have never been to LA, anyone want to come with me?

I recieved the book containing my poems. I cannot tell you how great it felt to see my name and my work in print. I guess I have established myself as an artist; that I am overjoyed about. After tax season ends, I will be working on getting a complete book of my poetry published. I also have plans to create a blog exclusively to my poetry and the book. I hope my readers will still be around to read it; that is if I still have any readers left.

I am sad that I have lost a couple of readers(you know who you are); but with that said I have gained several new ones and they ROCK!! Well people that is it for now. Please everybody take care.