Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Relaxing Weekend

Well friends since my last post on 1/23/09 until Feburary 6 I have worked over 140 hours during the busiest time of the season. The reward was a nice paycheck on Friday! I got some of my return clients thousands of dollars in refunds. Right now in this struggling economy everybody needs their money and they need it fast!

After catching up on some bills, and buying groceries I was abel to spend some of my hard earned money on myself for a change. What a concept! I went to see one of my clients who just so happens to be a hair stylist. She redid my color, trimmed the dry ends and waxed my eyebrows. Boy do I look and feel human again!

So with the rush of the season over I do have some time to write and catch up with my on line friends. I plan to spend Sunday sleeping, cooking and reading! I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend.