Friday, April 21, 2006


Finally have some time to relax and chill the fuck out. It has been a long exhausting four months; but it is over now and I can catch up on sleep, laundry and life.

Shannin, I will be calling you very soon so we can hunker down and get wasted. I have been wanting to meet you for the longest time. Miz E, I have a new story for La Femme brewing, it will be posted soon.

One thing that infuriated me during this past tax season was the number of deadbeat parents who claimed their children as dependants and provided no support for them. The people who took care of these children could not get the money they deserved because the deadbeats had beaten them to the punch. I advised the people to file fraud claims. Some took my advice and some did not.

During the off season I plan to work more on my writing, my body and collect unemployment for a spell. I will return to work eventually but not right now. I need a real break from the 9 to 5 rat race.

Well friends thatv is it for now, I will be posting again very soon.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Final Goodbye

1 year ago today my niece Brittany took her own life in the Clark County Juvinile Detention Center. Since then changes have been made to ensure that this tragedy never happens again. With federal and state funds, Nevada has been abel to hire mental health workers who will be devoted to the cause of adolescent suicide prevention and awareness. Sine Brittany's death, her mother Lynette positively channeled her pain anger and grief to demand change in Nevada's deeply flawed mental healh system.

Today however we were gathered together; family and friends to finally lay Brittany to rest and to let go just a little bit. She will FOREVER be in the hearts and minds of all the lives she has touched and changed. Below is a account of the service and the emotions I felt during it.

It was a sunny but breezy spring morning. They were all there; family and friends to finally lay to rest their beloved daughter, sister and friend. They sat there thinking and reflecting on the memories of the dearly departed. As they sat, tears were shed and thoughts of the departed filled their minds and hearts. As the service progressed friends and family were asked to share their stories and how their lives have been affected. Music was played and poems read to honor her. We sat there thinking she should be here with us and that her death should not have happened.

After memories were shared and the last tear shed, they all assembled to say one last goodbye and she was finally laid to rest. They assembled one last time to release a baloon hoping it will reach her at her final resting place.

This is my final message to you Brittany. I hope your soul is finally at peace. I wish I could have reached out to you when I could have. I will have to live with that forever. Even in death you have had an impact on so many lives.

"You are now her angel dressed in white, You don't live in darkness but in Heaven's light." Marie A. Coppla