Sunday, April 22, 2007


Well friends, tax season is over. It was a very good one for me. My office growth was up 6.7% for the year. All of my sacrifices and long hours on the job were worth it. I hope now I will see some financial compensation. Our luncheon was yesterday. We had a very good turnout and I recieved an recognition award from my district manager. I was surprised to recieve the award but thrilled none the less. I guess my hard work payed off in so many ways.

My parents are moving out of Las Vegas to Pahrump on May first. I decided not to go with them. I did some research and the job market is not good out there. I will be staying with my brother until I can find a steady job and a place to live. I have been very stressed out about this. I had a job interview with a CPA on Thursday. I am sorry to say that I don't think I got it. When they tell you "Thanks for meeting with us" that sends a signal to me that things did not well. I will know for sure on Monday. I will have to go back to the temp agency and re register. I have been dragging my heels as far as packing is concerned. I am not thrilled about this move. I am a little upset with my Dad. This move was because HE is unhappy with our current living situation and so he is making everybody else around him miserable which I thinks is selfish and a little self absorbed. I guess I will just have to accept this and move on.

Now on to my writing endeavors. The book is finished. It has been for quite some time. I guess I am afraid of having it published. There is a lot in this book that will hurt my family. I am fearful that I will burn some bridges (Maybe you Dr Deb can give me some advice on this) . It seems that I have ALWAYS done or not done things just to save face with others and not thought of myself (Dr Deb maybe you can give me some insight on this).

Well I hope everybody is doing well. That is all I have for now. Please take care.