Friday, May 01, 2015

Holy Shit....Another Epiphany, Another Failure and Another Triumph!

In my last post I talked about a woman I have come in contact with.  Since then she is no longer in the picture.

                                      The dark cloud has disappeared

Here is the epiphany....She was poison for me.  I remember how I was back then and I never, never want to go back into that dark place ever again! I did touch on this in a essay I wrote called  Safety At Any Cost which made it's way into my book.

Here is the failure....I gave her to much power over me.  This situation was causing me a lot of stress,  anxiety and anger.  I was banging fists, slamming doors...I was crazy! I need to apologize for the behavior.

Here is the victory...I was able to TRUST my instincts, and perceptions and maintain a safe distance.  I was actually afraid of her at one time.

I now see how my behavior back then impacted those around me from the other side. As the saying  goes...we all have to grow up sometime.