Friday, December 21, 2007

Weight Loss Journal Part 10

Well friends it has been a very busy week! I taught basic tax theory and job skills to 17 students in 40 hours in addition to wrapping up my 3 week skills training classes!

When I came home at night I was so exhausted I had no energy for exercise! Again I have been watching what I eat VERY closely! Today I wore a pair of black jeans that I have not been able to fit into in about two years. I was able to zip up these jeans without having to hold my stomach in! What a wonderful feeling that is!!!!! Little by little I am seeing the results of my efforts especially when it comes to my social situation. I feel more confident when I go out and it projects in my attitude and how I deal with other people! I feel better about myself and others do notice especially men! I do have potential in that area-Finally!!!!

This week I also got a copy of my book in the mail. I cannot begin to tell you all the feeling of accomplishment I felt! Seeing MY work in print. Only another artist can truly appreciate and understand this feeling. I ordered another copy so I can have it framed.

That is it for this week! I have do a workout tonight (the fist time I have had all week) and then go to bed! I have to teach another class tomorrow afternoon. Have a great weekend!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Weight Loss Journal Part 9

Well friends it has been a very busy week! In the midst of teaching and working in the office I am exhausted! When I come home at night all I want to do is sleep! I only had time to work out a couple of days this week! I guess that can explain my low energy levels lately! I have however been VERY careful on what I eat and I drink plenty of water!

I will have to find a way to balance work related goals with personal ones, I know during tax season it can get really crazy. I am an office leader so I have added
stress on me! I guess the best two ways to relieve this kind of stress is exercise and sex!

Now onto the book, some of you may have noticed the price went up a bit. I failed to realize before I pressed the publish button that I needed to allocate revenue between myself and the publisher! I fixed this little problem. I guess I am a rookie when it comes to this publishing business! To coincide with the book I have created a new blog the address is

I have titled the blog Breaking The silence. Please when you have time check it out!

I hope everybody has a awesome weekend!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Weight Loss Journal Part 8

Well it has been a pretty stressful week! I have been stressing out about my current financial situation. Being broke around the holidays really sucks ass! I have however have taken steps to fix some of these problems so they don't haunt or stress me out! The victory here is that I did not revert to old eating patterns which has haunted me for years!

Some good news about the book! I have sold my first copy! How cool is that? I am still a little frustrated that I don't have the financial means to promote this book like I want to! I guess I have to be happy with word of mouth for now! For thoes of you have taken an interest in my work (you know who you are) I would like to thank you!

This week I attended a convention for work! They had an Italian buffet with all kinds of delicious food and deserts! Can we see the temptation here? So here is what I ate:

Garden Salad with a small portion of Italian dressing
Carrots and Broccoli
Peppers and Onions
2 Small meatballs
1 piece of chicken breast
1 small roll with a pat of butter

Not bad if I do say so myself! They also had cheesecake (major weakness for me) canoli and ice cream! I am glad to report that I did not touch any of the deserts or ice cream! I did not have much time this week for exercise. I think I managed to get a long walk in this week. I usually do a 30 to 40 minute workout several times a week. Unfortunately I only got in a workout twice this week! December is a very busy month as far as preparations for the upcoming tax season are concerned. I have been teaching 6 days a week and attending a lot of meetings which bore the hell out of me!

I am determined however to see this goal through! I see myself as a thinner person and I like what I see! The slower this excess baggage comes off the chances are better that I will keep it off for the long term!! I am also remain very positive and hopeful for the future whatever that may be!