Tuesday, November 21, 2006


On Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend this year's National Survivors of Suicide Day with Lynette. I was very honored that she asked me to attend. The conference was held at the Central Christian Church in Henderson, NV.
Lynette and I were there to honor (like everyone else) a loved one we lost to suicide. Below is a picture of Brittany. What a beautiful young lady she was!

We had a light breakfast of fruit and cake. After breakfast we had opening remarks about what we as survivors can do to take care of ourselves during the grieving process and that it is OK to feel how you feel whatever the emotion is. Lynette has said to me many times the only question she has is WHY? We then had a teleconference of other survivors in other states sharing their stories. All of these stories were moving but sad none the less.

After a break (Boy Lynette and I NEEDED a cigarette and a beer at this point!) we all got into groups to share our feelings and talk about whatever we wanted to talk about or not talk at all but listen to others share their stories. Lots of tears were shed! After about 30 minutes of that we went outside to release balloons to honor our loved ones.

When they called Brittany's name all the hairs on my arm stood up and I shed a few tears and secretly asked Bittany to forgive me( for not reaching out to her when I could have) because I have had a hard time forgiving myself.

Lynette and I had time to talk to people about the walk on December 2nd and hand out information. I think we will be seeing some of those people at the walk.

We also had the honor to meet Suicide Activist, ISP President and Author Matthew Dovel. He will be joining us for the walk.

All in all it was a wonderful day. The weather was warm and sunny. Good for us because Lynette and I got locked out of the building and we had to walk all the way around to the front entrance.

After the conference, Lynette and I went and had a couple of beers and played some slots. To relieve some tension. I won $100.00. I was like OMG! I never win anything!

I hope everyone is doing well. Please take care XXXX

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In The News!

Just a little update. My aunt is feeling much better. I guess my dad going out there helped her alot.

Lynette, Rachel and I brought a major case of Bronchitis home for SLC! Lynette is still fighting it a little bit. It makes it hard for her to sing at her Karaoke show. What a Drag! But we found a remedy-Lots of Beer! HaHa!

I have found a temporary job until tax season starts-I hope! I have been asked to clean up the books of a local businessman. I went to his office and took a look-Whoa Man! They are a mess! I hope I can fix this!

Below is a recent picture of me with a friend at Jim & Lynette's Show.

I guess my friend is a little camera shy! That is odd knowing what I know about him. Wierd

I was watching the news last night at the town of Parumph has adopted English as it's official language. Of course some people got upset. Who doesn't when something controversial happens? Here is how I feel about this. It will FORCE people who do not speak English (yes you know who you are) wether you are in this country legally or not to learn english! The classes are free fro Christ's sake. So please take some time to take these classes-it will bring you one step closer to what you TRULY want-to enjoy the freedoms enjoyed by US citizens.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Salt Lake City

As promised, here are some photos from the SLC trip. Too bad I could not take any pictures of the band. All that I can say that the show ROCKED!!! The weather was kind of shitty but we managed. I have not seen snow since I left Boston in 2003!

Rachel & I dressed and ready to GO!!!

Rachel & Lynette-Dressed and Ready To Go!!!

How Pretty Rachel Looks!

Rachel & Lynette Just Chillin'

Lynette enjoying a cold one!-Oh how we love our beer!