Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Am Back...With a Vengance....Part One

I have decided once again to pick up pen and paper.  So much crazy (and not so crazy) shit has been happening.  I know it has been a while since I had the desire to pick up a pen a paper and start writing again.

Some things are happening in my life that made this decision a easy one.  This is the one place where I can come and share my thoughts, feelings and emotions.  If no one likes it...oh well turn the page!  Now, let's get on with it.

Career Changes:  As most of my readers know,  I have struggled with the job issue.  Back in 2011, I attended Pima Medical Institute to study Veterinary Assisting.  Unfortunately, through a little soul searching and a few disappointments, I had to stop living in denial, and face the fact that this was not going to work out which is unfortunate, because I love animals!    However, I studied for and passed the Enrolled Agent exam in 2013.  I have been enrolled to practice before the IRS since December of 2013.  My friends and colleagues told me...well it's about time!  While I was studying for the exam I was working as a tax accountant.  The company went out of business so back to square one. There is more to this story which I cannot publically disclose right now.  Future blog post!  I have now been gainfully employed at a local CPA firm since January of this year.  Made it through the madness which is tax season in one piece...I think!

I know I wanted at some point to give up my career in accounting to pursue my creative endeavors.  However I need to put this back into perspective.  I know and believe that I am a talented and passionate writer.  Just look at the poetry and essays I have written over the years.  However, I need to make a living and support myself.  I like my job, helping clients and my fellow co-workers...another future blog post there too. 

To balance out my work life poetry and writing  are going to be my hobby of choice.

I will continue this post with other things such as progress in recovery, relationship status etc. later.

Just wanted to let everybody know this kid is back in the saddle!

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